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In the season of twists, Fortnite has released yet another teaser relating to Season X. Already through multiple POI shifts and controversial roadblocks, Fortnite isn’t quite out of secrets for their latest season. In a teaser image on Twitter, the Visitor from Season 4 looks to be making a return.

The Visitor makes a comeback in Fortnite

When Season X launched, there were already hints pointing towards the Visitor being back. On the frozen meteor, his time capsule from Dusty Divot was broken open, meaning he was loose somewhere on the island.

However, this is the first we’ve seen any kind of confirmation the Visitor is in Season X. This is the image Fortnite posted on their Twitter.

Fortnite Visitor

This image raises more questions than it answers, but it confirms the Visitor is involved with the mech in some way.

Theories about the Visitor and the mech

From the teaser image, the Visitor is either building or trying to destroy the mechs, but it seems more likely he’s building them.

Assuming this is the case then in terms of the Season X story, the Visitor is responsible for bringing the B.R.U.T.E. to Fortnite. It could also be another explanation as to why the mech has not been vaulted yet this season; it’s too important to the storyline for Epic Games to take it away completely.

While this is disappointing if true, it, fortunately, means that the mech won’t remain in Fortnite past Season X. The end-of-season event will most likely revolve around someone attempting to stop the Visitor and his army of mechs. Here are some other theories that Twitter users came up with in response to Fortnite‘s tweet:


Of course, no one quite knows what the Visitor’s business with the mechs is, but we do know Fortnite is setting up for another large scale in-game event. Rift Beacon transformations will have to play into the story somehow.

What do you think is going to happen? Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite Season X coverage.