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One of the more well-received post-launch updates in the original Overwatch came in the form of endorsement levels. This feature essentially rewarded players for being good teammates and offered incentives to remain that way. Blizzard Entertainment clearly saw how well the feature was liked in the original game, so the developers brought it back for the sequel.

In Overwatch 2, endorsements largely work the same as they did in the original. However, there are some changes to the system that both new players and veterans need to know about.

Endorsements were originally meant to be a way to stop toxicity in Overwatch. The community was notorious for being called one of the most toxic in all of gaming, and Blizzard tried numerous things to combat this problem. One of the more effective methods of stopping toxicity was endorsements, as the developers essentially gave players rewards for not being toxic in-game.

As the developers still want that for Overwatch 2, the feature returned with some small tweaks to ensure that players remain as un-toxic as possible.

Endorsement levels in Overwatch 2 explained

In the original Overwatch, endorsements had three different awards. Players could reward two teammates with two of the awards and the other award could go to anyone in the lobby. The awards were broken up to recognize a teammate or player who showed strong qualities throughout a match, mainly relating to sportsmanship and leadership.

Overwatch 2 has simplified this system, removing the three awards and simply combining them all together. Now, players can award two teammates and one additional player an Endorsement after every match. This endorsement can be given to a teammate or player for any reason the Endorsement-giver sees fit.

In order to stop players from taking advantage of this system, players cannot give Endorsements to their friends. They also can’t give more than one Endorsement to a player within a 12-hour span.

Is there a maximum Endorsement Level in Overwatch 2?

As players continue to receive endorsements, they’ll increase their Endorsement Level. The levels run from one to five, and as players increase their level, they earn additional Battle Pass XP. Currently, there’s no other reward for increasing your level. To see what your current Endorsement Level is, you can go to your Career Profile and check the Overview tab.

How does the Endorsement Level reward system work in Overwatch 2?

The Endorsement Level reward system in Overwatch 2 is entirely focused on Battlepass XP. This helps you unlock higher tiers in your battle pass faster. But the amount of XP you get every time you are Endorsed is random and has no cap. This means that the only way to guarantee you level up your battle pass faster is by getting Endorsed as often as you can.

You can also gain Battlepass XP if you Endorse other players. This can help you grab even more XP each match. Just remember you can only endorse up to two players after each game and you can only Endorse the same player every 12 hours.