What changes should Fortnite make to the loot pool in Season 4?
Fortnite chapter 2 - season 4 loot pool
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What changes should Fortnite make to the loot pool in Season 4?

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There’s only a couple of weeks left until Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 arrives on most systems. If you’re a mobile player, you might be out of luck seeing as neither Apple nor Google will allow an update to go through on the App or Play Store. Until the matter with Epic Games is resolved, this will continue to be the case. However, if you’re not a mobile player, new content is on the way very shortly. With any new season, one of the most exciting pieces of content resides in the loot pool category. What should be added, or subtracted, from the pool come Season 4?

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The Fortnite loot pool for Season 4

Chapter 2 – Season 3 of Fortnite didn’t add anything too crazy to the loot pool. While the Charge Shotgun was a neat addition, it can be a major hit-or-miss weapon. However, the Hunting Rifle returning was one of the best decisions made all season long.

Currently, the weapon variety isn’t too strong in Fortnite. The shotguns are a huge mess in general and it’s generally better to use a submachine gun up close. To go along with that, the assault rifles are a bit unbalanced as well and players would like to see some new implementations in that category. You can view the entire loot pool for Fortnite Season 3 below, courtesy of @VastBlastt.

When talking about the potential Season 4 loot pool, there’s a general consensus of what’s needed. Many would like to see the return of the Heavy Shotgun to help balance the class. The Tactical Shotgun could also use a buff, but it’s always been underpowered, so there’s little hope for that. The Heavy Shotgun would certainly give the class a boost and provide players with a powerful weapon that does take some skill to use.

In regards to the previously mentioned AR class, the Burst AR simply isn’t cutting it anymore. The unvaulting of the Infantry or Heavy AR would be a much-needed upgrade and could compete with the M16 and Scar.

Lastly, some healing items could also be nice to see. Perhaps the return of Slurp Juice to the loot pool would give players another option when it came to replenishing shields.

There are a lot of ways Epic Games can go with Season 4. Let’s hope the developers make the right decisions for the state of Fortnite.

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