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There are several elements of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer that fans are still a little confused about. One of these elements is the new Raids game mode that will arrive in the game sometime after launch. This concept was briefly glossed over in the Call of Duty Next presentation for MW2 multiplayer, leaving fans wondering exactly what to expect.

A typical raid in video games is a mode in a video game requiring teamwork to complete the objective; completing these raids normally grants high-level rewards. For example, raids are an extremely popular feature in Destiny 2; it seems that Infinity Ward is taking heavy inspiration from that game’s raids.

As briefly explained by Infinity Ward, raids will be a “three-player cooperative engagement requiring teamwork and strategy.” Players who join a raid together in MW2 will fight alongside each other to defeat A.I. enemies and complete objectives as well. These objectives will vary depending on the raid. We know that one of the objectives involves saving hostages while others will require “puzzle-solving thinking in-between bouts of intense combat.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Raids
Three players will partake in a raid together. | Provided by Activision

However, the farther players go in the raid, the more difficult the objectives will be; the AI will likely be stronger as well. This is all a part of the new and improved AI system that Infinity Ward has been working on, which will play a role in Modern Warfare 2’s Ground War mode and Warzone 2 and DMZ as well. Players can think of raids as a more streamlined version of the Spec Ops game mode, which is also coming to Modern Warfare 2.

The only other thing we know about raids is that they will arrive sometime after launch, which is on Oct. 28. Other than that, we’re blind as to exactly what this new mode could entail in Modern Warfare 2.

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