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Some brand new information regarding the maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer were revealed earlier today at Call of Duty Next. While we still don’t know about every single map in the game, we do know what kinds of playlists there will be for each map. This includes Core 6v6 maps and different kinds of Ground War maps. Compared to MW2019, Call of Duty will feature an even larger player count in a Ground War match. The Ground War maps themselves will also be made up of Warzone 2 locations, presenting a neat crossover for fans.

As for the Core 6v6 maps, these are specifically designed for 12 player matches. There’s no more making maps for both 6v6 and larger player counts as well; this likely means the majority of 6v6 maps will be significantly smaller than in years past. Infinity Ward states that 6v6 maps are “custom-made, built exclusively for 6v6 game modes. They are slightly smaller and more straightforward in design than previous MP maps.” We saw a little of that with the teased Museum map, but Infinity Ward also showcased some additional maps as well. Museum specifically is set in Span and feature straightforward lanes and sightlines.

There’s also the Farm 18 map, which is much more hectic and presents the chaotic nature of COD multiplayer. Finally, Mercado Las Almas is another map that is small in size and features “pure, frenetic fun.”

In regards to Ground War, there is actually two different kinds of Ground War modes. One is called the Battle Maps, which are basically the Ground War maps from MW2019. These matches feature 32v32 player counts, and will return the classic Domination game mode. There are driveable vehicles, buildings, and more on each map. One map that was shown off for Ground War is Sarrif Bay, which features a large amount of water and varying environments.

In contrast to the Battle Maps, there is the Invasion game mode. This is Ground War, but Team Deathmatch instead of Domination. The Invasion maps are identical to the Battle Maps, but players will simply fight to earn kills instead of capturing flags as well. The biggest difference between Invasion and Battle Maps, though, is that Invasion features a much larger player count in each match.

That’s all we have regarding the specific map playlists in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. Stay tuned to Upcomer for all news on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.

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