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It’s heroes versus villains time in Teamfight Tactics with the release of the eighth expansion, TFT: Monsters Attack! The new set brings a ton of new things into the game including units, traits, cosmetics and of course a brand-new mechanic. Hero Augments are brand new to TFT and give players a chance to live out their dreams by having their hyper carry turn into a superhero carry. Here is a quick explainer of how the mechanic works.

Hero Augments

An example of what the Hero Augment selection looks like on Stage 3-2. | Screenshot via Riot Games.

In TFT Set 8, Hero Augments can take the place of a regular augment which are offered to players throughout the game. These hero augments are different from the ones that players may be used to. To keep with the comic book theme, these augments will turn a regular unit into a superhero. That’s because these augments are tailor-made to each specific unit in the game. There are two Hero Augments for each unit with one being more supportive in nature and one allowing the unit to become a better carry. This is usually done by either giving the team a stat buff when the hero is on the board or upgrading their ability to do more in the damage or utility department.

Hero Augments may not show up in every game but if they do, every player in the game will get them at the same time. Hero Augments are an extension of the augment mechanic and will replace one of the augment selections that players receive throughout the game. For example, instead of a regular augment, Hero Augments may appear at Stage 2-1. But they will only be shown once so make sure to choose your hero wisely as you won’t get another opportunity.

Miss Fortune on the bottom left of the board is the Hero in this game. You can tell which unit is the Hero by their Purple and Orange outline. | Screenshot via Riot Games.

Depending on when the Hero Augment selection appears, the tier of the units shown will scale depending on the stage. If the Hero Augment is shown on Stage 2-1, the units shown will be tier-one or tier-two. If it appears on Stage 3-2, the units shown will be tier-two or tier-three and if it’s shown on Stage 4-2, then the units could be tier-three, tier-four or even tier-five. Don’t worry about other players having better tier units in their augment selection, players are guaranteed to have the same cost units across the board.

When players select a Hero Augment they will receive a copy of that unit as well so they will be able to make use of their new superhero immediately.

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