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QuakeCon 2022 is almost upon us. The event kicks off live tomorrow on Twitch with lots of fantastic content coming directly to your screens. Fans can tune into QuakeCon for esports pro competitions, community streams, game play, and more.

If you have an Elder Scrolls Online account, you can earn in-game items just for watching. Here’s how to get some cute new loot to add to your collection.

Connect your Twitch and ESO accounts

The first thing you’ll want to check is that your Elder Scrolls Online account and Twitch account is connected. You can do this in the lead up to QuakeCon so you’re all ready when the event goes live. Connect your accounts by:

  1. Head to Twitch and ensure you’re logged in
  2. Click your profile icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and select “Settings”
  3. Navigate to the “Connections” tab across the top
  4. Scroll down to “Other Connections”
  5. Next to “The Elder Scrolls Online” you should see a “Disconnect” button if your account is already connected. If your account isn’t connected, click “Connect” and follow the prompts

A confirmation message should pop up saying your accounts are connected. Now you’re ready to earn Twitch drops while watching QuakeCon.

Earning Twitch drops for QuakeCon

You can check what drops are currently active by going to Twitch Drops. Once QuakeCon is live, you should see an Open Campaign for Elder Scrolls Online. Here, there will also be information about how long the drop last for and how long you’ll need to watch a channel to earn it. Once earned, you’ll need to click the “claim” button in order to collect the drop.

Getting the QuakeCon drop is relatively easily. You only need to watch a QuakeCon 2022 ESO livestream for fifteen minutes to get the drop. This year, players can earn the Flame Atronach Pony Guar pet and an Ouroboros Crown Crate. The following QuakeCon streams will earn you the drop:

After watching for fifteen minutes, you should receive a notification in the Twitch chat. Click to claim, and your items will land directly in your game.

Get High Isle

During QuakeCon, players can also purchase Elder Scrolls Online High Isle at a discount. There are also lots of Crown Creates available as well as the standard ESO edition on sale too. Check out all the prices on the Elder Scrolls Online website.

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