QuakeCon returns online again for 2022

QuakeCon returns online again for 2022

Bethesda committed to an IRL in 2023

QuakeCon is back for 2022 as a digital only event, just like in 2020 and 2021. Fans from around the world will be able to tune into a full, three day from August 18-20.

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QuakeCon from home

Alongside news that QuakeCon would remain digital, Bethesda explained that while they would love to have a face-to face QuakeCon, “an event of this size requires months of planning […] and too much uncertainty” makes it hard to plan. The team stated they are disappointed in the inability to gather in person to enjoy live conversations, BYOC, custom PC builds, “wild contests,” and more along with many of their fans. The team is still committed to putting on a great online experience for 2022.

Bethesda have promised QuakeCon 2022 will be filled with “an exciting new streaming program,” online meetups, giveaways, charity opportunities and a virtual bring your own computer. Attendees can also expect the usual competitions, tournaments and giveaways.

Fans will surely see the return of some 2021 favorites, including developer walkthroughs and speed runs. The Quake World Championships are usually run during QuakeCon and that should still be the case for 2022. Also, since The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Anniversary game released in November 2021, there should be some fan-made content featured as well as a developer play through of the game.

Elder Scrolls: Online, meanwhile, is closing on 21 million players and will be half way through their year long event. There ought to be some talk about the new Starfield game, launching in November, too. Plus Fallout 76 and DOOM always get a mention. Full details, however, will be released in June.

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