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QuakeCon 2020 goes virtual + how to get freebies and in-game drops

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Like almost every event around the world right now, QuakeCon is going virtual too. This year, it’s “QuakeCon at Home.” Everything you need to know is in the title. It’s QuakeCon as you know and love, only it’s now at home. This will be the 25th annual QuakeCon featuring a line of up nonstop content from around the globe. If you’re a Bethesda fan, you definitely don’t want to miss QuakeCon at Home this weekend.

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QuakeCon at Home

Bethesda announced their 25th annual QuakeCon will be featuring a full weekend of content. There’s the traditional QuakeCon welcome to kick off the event. Followed by a schedule packed with influencers, celebrity streams, concerts, fundraising activities, panels, talks, and more.

While there’s a crazy weekend ahead, we’ve included some of the highlights you won’t want to miss:

Traditional QuakeCon Welcome: 12 noon ET, Friday, August 7
Fallout 76; C.A.M.P Competition, Showcase, and Cooking show: 12 midnight – 3 AM ET, Saturday, August 8
Skyrim Challenges: 10 AM ET Saturday, August 8
Elder Scrolls Cooking show: 12:30 AM ET Sunday, August 9
Quake World Championship Grand Final: 7 AM ET Sunday, August 9

Check out the full schedule below. Stick it in your calendar, and make sure you don’t miss this digital event of the year.

Around the world

One of the advantages of virtual events is everyone can participate. It doesn’t matter which part of the globe you’re in, you’ll be able to tune in at a time that suits you best. With QuakeCon running in various time zones, fans are in for a treat. Pete Hines, the SVP of Global Marketing & Comms at Bethesda, will host the welcome. He’ll also appear in various parts of the live stream playing games.

Bethesda will also be hosting the live stream from various parts of the world. The ANZ team, for example, will be your hosts for the various cooking shows and some community sessions. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to see so many aspects of Bethesda! Speaking of opportunities, Bethesda has made sure you won’t go home empty handed, even though you’re already at home.

Freebies and in-game goodies

Like all great game cons, QuakeCon promises freebies! All throughout the weekend you can play QUAKE for free. Remember our PAX chat with Besthesda? QUAKE was one of the original esports. This is your chance to get your hands on the game completely free. All you need to do is log in to your Bethesda account this weekend and claim the game.

Those Elder Scrolls fans will be excited to hear there’s free in-game drops. Simply connect your ESO account to Twitch and watch the live stream for a free Flame Atronach Pony pet as well as Ouroboros Crown Crates.

There’s also free a DOOM Eternal QuakeCon Slayer skin, icon, and play badge. It’s available on all platforms until early next week. The QUAKE Champions Railgun skin is available for free, as well as Fallout 76 Sheepsquatch Outfit and Mr. Fuzzy Backpack Demonic variants. All you need to do is grab these free items from the Atomic Shop on any platform. They are available the whole weekend on all platforms during QuakeCon.

But what about the merch? Don’t worry, you can grab your tee or hoodie from the Bethesda Gear store. Plus, follow Bethesda or QuakeCon on socials for partner giveaways like custom consoles, peripherals, and more.

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