Washington Justice trade Mag to Boston Uprising, confirming trade talks
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Washington Justice trade Mag to Boston Uprising, confirming trade talks

Justice trade young talent Mag to Uprising after reports

The Washington Justice have traded tank player Kim “Mag” Tae-sung to the Boston Uprising, confirming trade reports that the Justice are looking to offload their larger contracts. Both teams had success in the first week of the Summer Showdown, with the Justice almost getting the first qualifying win over the San Francisco Shock this season. With Mag joining the Uprising, Boston have a new tank for a Junker Queen meta.

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The Justice’s moves give the Uprising a promising tank

The report from GGRecon about the Justice states that the team have “uncertainty around the financial prospects of the League”, leading to the team looking to make moves. Plus, the trade deadline for the Overwatch League is Aug. 18, 2022, so moves would happen soon if it was true. The Justice can still trade their players after Aug. 18, but whoever they trade them to will not be able to play them for the 2022 season. Mag, in this case, is the first domino to fall, getting traded to the Boston Uprising.

As for Boston’s side of this, Mag clearly has the capability to lead his team to victory when he’s in form. Fans from his RunAway days know how good he was in Korean Contenders, but his time in the Overwatch League has been more volatile. In metas where his preferable tanks are good, he’s been one of the best in the league. However, when he isn’t comfortable on the meta tank, the team doesn’t perform. In Overwatch 2, this is only more visible, as he is the only tank on the roster.

Mag’s recent performances add an extra benefit to Boston

Speaking of which, the Washington Justice started the Summer Showdown by almost beating the San Francisco Shock and stomping over the Paris Eternal. While hard to judge the team’s overall skills in a new meta on the first weekend, the team looked good. Any chance of good performances dissuading Justice trades was gone with trading Mag to the Boston Uprising. At the same time, Mag is in form. He was arguably the best player on the Justice over the weekend, with his skills on Junker Queen clear to see. Adding a tank like that alongside Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist gives the Boston Uprising much more flexibility in the tank position.

The Boston Uprising’s next games are against the San Francisco Shock and Dallas Fuel, on Aug. 19 and 21 respectively.

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