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The World Series of Warzone concluded earlier this week, and overall, the event was largely a success. The Finals and SoloYolo events both saw the world’s best Warzone players battle it out, showcasing amazing skill and even giving us some hilarious moments. However, the NA portion of the tournament was marred by a couple of controversies. The first came during the Finals, where three separate players were dev-errored out of the final match, leaving their teams down a player. However, the second controversy was much more detrimental. It involved 100 Thieves player Rated getting killed by a Precision Airstrike through a building during the SoloYolo match. Since that moment, Warzone players have been calling for the removal of the Precision Airstrike from the game.

The Precision Airstrike is a killstreak that players can buy or find as ground loot. It allows players to call in an airstrike on a set location, and it often deals devastating damage to players out in the open. Unfortunately, even though it doesn’t make much practical sense, the airstrike has been known to kill players inside of buildings. This aspect of the killstreak reared its ugly head in the NA SoloYolo event.

Warzone players demand the removal of the Precision Airstrike

Shortly after Rated was killed by the Precision Airstrike, ending his chance of winning $100,000, players flocked to social media. One of the most popular Warzone players, Aydan, took to Twitter to call for the removal of the streak while also showcasing exactly what happened.

While this might look like a glitch, it’s actually not; at least, not in terms of how the Precision Airstrike is intended to work. In Warzone’s Season 5 patch notes, developer Raven Software explicitly stated that it can kill through walls and buildings. This was pointed out by NYSL Mavriq after the SoloYolo event ended.

However, even though it’s not technically a glitch, many players still believe that shouldn’t happen. If the Precision Airstrike can still kill players who are hiding inside somewhere, it becomes extremely overpowered. Raven Software’s decision here might have cost Rated $100,000; he was in a terrific spot in the SoloYolo when he died to an airstrike.

While it seems unlikely Raven Software completely removes the Precision Airstrike, players are at least hoping the devs make it so the streak can’t kill through buildings. If the killstreak remains the same, it could also impact players in the upcoming CDL Resurgence Fortune’s Keep tournament.

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