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The weapon balancing changes that came with the Season 5 update in Call of Duty: Warzone were mostly positive. Overpowered weapons such as the KG M40 and Armaguerra 43 were nerfed while lesser-used guns like the Fennec and Grau 5.56 were slightly buffed.

However, there is one change in the patch notes that some of the player base is not happy with whatsoever. Raven Software made the decision to heavily nerf the Crossbow, which some fans believe is in direct correlation to the Crossbow’s power being showcased on the Warzone subreddit.

Still not convinced the Crossbow is Meta? from CODWarzone

Either way, the Crossbow is virtually unusable after several nerfs were applied to it in Season 5. The damage multipliers were the main target for the developers, which reduce players’ ability to kill enemies quickly without a headshot. While players can still one-shot kill enemies with a properly-placed headshot, those shots are incredibly difficult to hit.

This is the main gripe that the community has with the Crossbow nerfs. One player posted to the Warzone subreddit asking why the developers would nerf the Crossbow. They claimed “it is one of the hardest weapons to use,” implying that nerfs make it even more difficult to use than it already was.

I really hope they are not gonna break it. Why would they even nerf it? It is one of the hardest weapons to use. from CODWarzone

Comments began to roll in on the post, with players agreeing with the original poster’s premise. One comment stated that the developers have “ruined it [Crossbow] for us longtime users” due to the recent popularity the weapon garnered. Other commenters called the Crossbow balanced as it was, but they’re forced to take it off their loadouts due to how weak it is now.

Fans of the Crossbow in Warzone can only hope that Raven Software reverts the nerfs to the weapon sometime later in Season 5. The next weapon balancing update in Warzone likely won’t arrive for at least a week or two, so fans will have to wait to see if the Crossbow can return to its former glory.

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