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The first reproducible report of the bugged item Force of Nature has gained traction on the League of Legends subreddit. There are various bugs with Force of Nature on the PBE. However, before today we did not have a verifiable way for the item to break on the live servers. For those who are new to Teamfight Tactics, the item Force of Nature can be made by combining two “Spatula.” The “Spatula” has no official name besides “???”. It is an item that can combine into various unique items and is the rarest to obtain in a game of Teamfight Tactics.

What happens when you break Force of Nature

Force of Nature is an item that increases your team’s maximum unit size by one. Besides Force of Nature, the only way to increase your team’s maximum unit size is through leveling up. In the current patch, if you combine your Spatula items after a round has started, the item will not have the effect through the entire game. It is important to note that selling the champion holding Force of Nature does not allow the effect to be used in the following round. The item does literally nothing if this bug occurs. Avoiding this bug is quite simple since you now know how it occurs. If you use your items before the round starts, there will be no problem with the stats and the effect.

Other bugs currently in the game

Another instance of this type of bug is with the item Zephyr. Zephyr’s start-of-turn effect sometimes also does not work on occasion if created close to the round starting. This often occurs when the item is created when the round has started, or when the champions have been teleported to a different map tile.

Another bug currently on the live servers is one that happens when Force of Nature’s effect is used from the champion bench. Unlike other items, Force of Nature’s effect works when it is equipped on any champion in the game. However, if you sell the champion holding Force of Nature when the round has started, one of your champions will simply disappear from the playing field at random.

So once again, if you do get your hands on some spatulas and get to build yourself a Force of Nature, be careful with it. There is a lot of good the item can do for your team, but the item can also cost you an important round if one of its many bugs occurs.

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