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Welcome to the 2021 Upcomer VALORANT Awards.

During the next holiday week, we will be rolling out different categories that you can vote for, highlighting the best and brightest in the community. From players to casters, you’ll have your chance to make your voice heard and see who will receive the inaugural awards from Upcomer.

Leading into 2022, we will release the winners of each award, culminating on New Year’s Day when we announce the big ones: players and teams (Valorant Champions Tour, Game Changers) of the year.

A public community vote decides all winners (below) along with Upcomer staff, each side accounting for 50% of the overall decision.

For our second series of nominations, we will be determining various awards, including In-Game Leader of the Year, Coach of the Year and Match of the Year. The community and Upcomer staff have voted and come together to select the finalists for each category.

Without further ado, here is the official voting. You may only choose one per category.


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