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Vodafone Giants has signed the roster known previously as Team Queso, the organization revealed on Tuesday.

The Giants recently released its roster, as did Team Queso. Both organizations mostly fielded Spanish players and announced they would remain active in Rocket League. Vodafone Giants is now the first to reveal, but a swap deal for Team Queso is already off the cards with the former roster moving to Karmine Corp.

Vodafone Giants remain committed to Spanish Rocket League

Vodafone Giants finished one spot below Team Queso in the Rocket League Championship Series Season X. With rising stars such as Raúl “DmentZa” Palazuelos Villarraga, Diego “VK-Sailen” Isla Serrano and Sergio “AtomiK” Pérez Cortés, Spain has put itself on the Rocket League map over the last 12 months. Coach Jesús “ByJesuxEsP” Bullón Penco also remains with the team.

Vodafone Giants aims to bring Spanish Rocket League to new heights the organization said in a statement.

“We believe there is still a lot of history to write,” the organization said. “And that Spain deserves a page of honor in the history of Rocket League.”

The roster’s best result came in the RLCS X Championships, the online replacement for Worlds. There they finished in third-fourth place alongside Top Blokes, now Semper Esports, and behind Team Vitality and Team BDS. Their gold medal win at RLCS X Spring Regional 2, where they took down strong teams such as the previous Giants roster, Guild Esports and German Amigos, os worth mentioning as well. While they were initially planning to switch things up despite a good first season of RLCS, the roster is now confirmed to stay together.

Vodafone Giants goes into RLCS XI, which no details have been released about, as a strong contender. However, with some large roster moves already moving forward, they have their work cut out for them if they want to stay in top six.