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Amanda Stevens

Lexi Johnson

Adam Fitzsimmons

Colin McNeil


Why are esports broadcasts so white? That’s one of the questions at heart of The Black Esports Forum episode two.

In this episode of TBEF, host Amanda Stevens is joined by FGC commentator and gaming content creator Sharpie, Rainbow Six Siege and VALORANT desk analyst Velly and North American League of Legends analyst Primal. The gang chats about what the coolest broadcast moment they’ve been a part of, from interviewing a trash can to getting to work with Madison Square Garden during League of Legends Worlds 2016.

The meat and potatoes of the episode is the conversation around whether Black people like to watch and compete in esports, and why esports broadcasts are so… white.  Amanda and crew talk about their hiring experiences and the inequity they’ve felt when it comes to who makes it in front of the camera. From there they touch on how having diversity on the broadcast and bringing your authentic self can create moments that bring new fans to franchises. And they discuss how their perception of what an esport is affects how people view who esports fans are. To round out the episode, the group chats about what makes esports special to them.

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