The Rise Again of xQc — From Esports Failure to King of Twitch
photo of xQc, black and white on one side and color on the other, for The Rise Again of xQc

Video: The Rise Again of xQc — From esports failure to king of Twitch

El Goblino has juiced his way to the top

Félix “xQc” Lengyel is the stereotypical sh*t-talking, toxic gamer personified. His divisive, energetic personality is his unique selling point and has made him one of Twitch’s biggest stars.

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And before all that, xQc was a world-class Overwatch player competing at the highest professional level. But the same out-of-control personality, which made him so popular, was a double-edged sword. Ultimately, his thriving esports career ended in an instant.

On the sidelines, xQc could have easily become a forgotten footnote in the annals of competitive Overwatch. But that’s not what happened.

XQc redirected his energy, and reinvented himself, to become one of the most watched, followed and subscribed streamers of all time.

This is The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of xQc.

The Rise

Before xQc found his roots in a professional esports career, he began to make a name for himself as a 19-year-old on Twitch, primarily with League of Legends. But League wasn’t xQc’s calling.

In 2016, he found a home in Blizzard’s then brand new hero shooter, Overwatch. He became so synonymous with the new title that he swapped out the alias xQcLoL for what he uses today, xQcOW.

XQc brought a relatable kind of gamer rage, high-octane energy and a lot of screaming to every single stream. But he was more than just a guy shouting down the microphone; he was also a world-class tank player grinding away in small online tournaments under the likes of DatZit Gaming and Denial Esports.

Experience The Rise Again of xQc by watching the video above or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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