VGBootCamp will be the main stream for The Big House 8 - Upcomer

VGBootCamp will be the main stream for The Big House 8

One of the bigger headaches of watching most Smash majors is that it’s hard to know who’s streaming until the stream schedule is released a few days before the event. Knowing where on Twitch to go ahead of time is nice. Perhaps realizing this, the team in charge of The Big House 8 has announced their main stream way ahead of time. Even if it isn’t the full schedule, it’s nice knowing where to look ahead of time.

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For far from the first time, VGBootCamp will be the main stream for The Big House. Given their extensive history, it’s only fitting at this point. The Big House has so much history that having its eighth installment unravel on any channel other than VGBC would seem odd. They’re among the best-known brands for streaming Smash too, so their streaming the fall’s premier major makes more sense.

Their video just serves to further hype up the series. So many memorable moments contained in a video that’s not even one minute long to remind people how great the series is. And in the tweet, there is a reminder that registration for the Michigan-based major is still open.

To speak to the size of The Big House, look no further than their hotel bookings. A lot of people register for events extremely late, yet their hotels are already halfway booked. If the entirety of their hotel block is booked by the end of registration, few people should be surprised. It’s just the kind of prestige The Big House has as a series.

Above the words “The Big House” in their banner are eight stars. This eighth installment should be just as excellent as the seven preceding it.

This is maybe the most exciting time to be a Smash fan in years, thanks to Zain’s incredible win at Shine 2018.