VGBootCamp announces 2022 Smash World Tour
Commentators at the 2021 SWTC. The Smash World Tour 2022 has been announced.
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VGBootCamp announces 2022 Smash World Tour

The circuit will run from March 17 to December 11
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VGBootCamp announced information about the format and qualifying events for the 2022 Smash World Tour during a livestream on Wednesday. Like last year, the 2022 circuit will include both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate.

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However, the 2022 Smash World Tour will not feature online qualifiers and regional finals like last year’s circuit. Instead, its format will be similar to that of the original Smash World Tour, which was scheduled for 2020 before it was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, players can earn circuit points at three types of events. The most prestigious of these are platinum and gold events. In addition, there are multiple different tiers within the final type of event, silver. Local and regional tournament organizers can opt in to have their tournaments qualify as silver events beginning on March 15.

The number of entrants necessary for a tournament to qualify for silver depends on where it takes place and whether it is a Melee or Ultimate event. Unlike the 2020 format, this year’s circuit will include super silver events. These exceptionally large regionals will dish out more points than typical silver events.

Tournaments included in the 2022 Smash World Tour

The 2022 Smash World Tour will kick off with Virtuocity Smash Open in Doha, Qatar, from March 17-19. This gold event will be the first Smash World Tour qualifier to take place in the Middle East. In addition, the legendary Apex series will return with its first iteration since 2016 with Apex 2022 from Nov. 18-20.

In total, the circuit is slated to include 35 platinum or gold events. Of these, nine will be formally announced at a later date. Players can earn points based on their top three platinum event performances, their top three gold performances, their best super silver performance and their top six silver performances.

This year’s circuit will conclude with the Smash World Tour Championships from Dec. 9-11. In total, 32 Melee and Ultimate players will qualify for the event. This includes the top player from each region, players with the greatest number of points on the leaderboard and the top two players from the last chance qualifier brackets. There will be $250,000 up for grabs between both games at the Championships.

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