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It appears that Shadowverse is finally taking a break from the Machina theme. The last two expansions have all featured cards meant to support the robot-based archetype. This new expansion, Verdant Conflict, will instead focus on forest and jungle themes. It will be based on the current storyline featuring Arisa and Rowen stuck in the beautiful world of Naterra.

New mechanics

With the set, we will be getting a new mechanic called “Crystalize.” Crystalize will function similar to Accelerate. If you do not have enough PP to play a follower for its normal cost, you instead pay its Crystalize cost. Instead of entering as a follower, the card will become an amulet on the battlefield.

In addition, we are getting a new card trait. The last set gave us the Machina card trait. This set will instead feature the Natura card trait. Based on this, most cards will be built around neutral Natura strategies, with each craft getting specific benefits off these cards. These cards all seem to based on playing a card known as Naterran Great Tree. What does Naterran Great Tree do? What does it look like? Those are questions I wish I had the answer for. All we know at this point from the revealed cards is that many of the new cards want you to play as many possible of them as you can. Shadowverse is revealing the cards for Verdant Conflict a bit faster than I can currently keep up with, so if you want the full list of revealed cards as they update, check out the official Verdant Conflict page.

The set will release at the end of September. There will initially be 97 cards plus 2 leader cards. A later mini-expansion will add 17 cards, 9 gold, and 8 legendary rares, at the end of November.

What do you think of the new expansion announcement? Are there any cards you hope we’ll get? Let us know!