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The VALORANT Champions Tour Stage 3 Challengers 2 open qualifier has finished with four new teams making it to the closed qualifier. These four teams will join the remaining four teams from the last closed qualifier. For these teams, it’s their last chance to make it to the Challengers Playoffs and potentially qualify for Masters 3 in Berlin. Here are the final four teams to have qualified for VCT Stage 3 Challengers 2.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan has been on the downfall during the VALORANT Champions Tour after taking second place at Masters 1 North America to Sentinels. After the spectacular run at Masters 1, FaZe Clan then hit a wall in play and failed to qualify for either closed qualifiers during Stage 2.

With the first international event now missed, FaZe Clan had their sights set on Masters 3 in Berlin. However, they skipped out on the first closed qualifier during Stage 3. The open qualifier for Challengers 2 was FaZe’s last opportunity to potentially make it to Berlin. This time around, FaZe Clan finally broke their losing streak to make it to another closed qualifier. After taking down two amateur teams, Brimstone Gaming, Immortals, and Ghost Gaming – FaZe Clan became the first team to qualify to Stage 3 Challengers 2.


TSM used to be one of the top teams in North America when VALORANT was still in its infancy stages. They had been on a roll after placing 2nd at First Strike to 100 Thieves who beat them 3-1. As the curtains closed in 2020, Riot Games announced the VALORANT Champions Tour as a series of sponsored events throughout the year. However, they have failed to make several closed qualifiers and were often eliminated right before the finish line.

After missing out on most of the action from the first two stages, TSM has finally made it out of the open qualifiers. It took three stages and multiple roster moves before TSM finally took a step in the right direction. To qualify, they took down three amateur teams, ANDBOX and DarkZero Esports to become the second team to qualify.


Another team that has failed to find success since 2020 was T1. The team has tried several different versions of the roster to no avail. They failed to qualify for several closed qualifiers until now in Stage 3.

It took several weeks and multiple rosters but T1 has finally joined FaZe Clan and TSM in the Stage 3 closed qualifier. To get here, they had to take down several amateur teams, Renegades and Built By Gamers who have all looked much better than T1 in the past.

Luminosity Gaming

Despite the best efforts from Cloud9 Blue’s star-studded roster, they were not able to overcome Luminosity. Luminosity has been in the conversation for the top ten for a while now after they finalized their roster before Masters 1. Since then, they have replaced one member and are using a temporary sub in their roster with Will “dazzle” Loafman and Joseph “ban” Seungmin Oh.

After those roster changes, the team has now qualified for the closed qualifier for Stage 3 Challengers 2. This comes off of a disappointing loss at the Stage 3 Challengers 1 open qualifier to Version1. Luminosity will get the chance to redeem themselves at the upcoming main event after becoming the fourth and final team to qualify.