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Grand finals Sunday has concluded for the EMEA, APAC and South America VALORANT Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifier. Team Liquid, FULL Sense and FURIA Esports will head to Berlin on Dec. 2 to compete in the final tournament of the year, Champions.

The North American competition is starting back up on Oct. 27. It will be played online after the tournament was initially delayed due to COVID-19 issues. It originally began on Oct. 12 with a sweet skull stage and plenty of LCQ tech issues.

Only one team from each region, has made it out of the tournament. It’s like VALORANT’s version of Squid Game where dozens of players enter but only a handful will make it past each game.

LCQ Stage
The Last Chance Qualifier Stage in Los Angeles | Provided by Riot Games

VCT Last Chance Qualifier updates throughout the week

Upcomer will have live coverage, including player interviews and reported features, throughout the tournament. This page will be updated with each story, along with with brackets for each region as the event progresses.

Here are resources where a stream for each region and language can be found:

VCT Last Chance Qualifier bracket

Three of the Last Chance Qualifier tournaments are double-elimination format while South America is still finishing up a group stage. We’ll keep these brackets updated as teams fall into lower brackets and leave the tournament.

North America (NA)

Cloud9 Blue and 100 Thieves are the favorites to come out of North America’s Last Chance Qualifier, but other teams could pull off an upset. 100 Thieves began the event with a win against Gen.G, despite issues brought on by the lack of online servers at the event. Players from all four teams made comment about lag and similar issues.

North America Last Chance Qualifier Bracket | Provided by Bracket HQ

Teams have brought in new strategies — and some new players — to help give them a lifeline at what will be the final tournament of the season for many players. North America has some of the most promising talent out of all four regions.

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Team Liquid will head to Berlin in December after taking out Guild Esports 3-1 in the EMEA LCQ grand final on Oct. 17. They join Gambit Esports, Acend and others as representatives of EMEA at Champs.

EMEA LCQ Bracket
EMEA Last Chance Qualifier Bracket | Provided by Bracket HQ

Gambit Esports, the kings of Russia, took the most recent major in Berlin. Therefore, all eyes are on Europe to see if other teams can help EMEA stay on top of NA.

Asia Pacific (APAC)

FULL Sense has won the APAC Last Chance Qualifier with a 3-2 win over Northeption. The Thai organization had already lost once to Northeption in the bracket, but the team came back to win it all in the loser’s bracket.  The Korean squads, including Paper Rex, DAMWON and NURTURN couldn’t survive in the loser’s bracket.

APAC LCQ Bracket
APAC Last Chance Qualifiers bracket | Provided by Challonge

South America (SA)

FURIA Esports, a Brazilian squad, took out the Chilean team Australs 3-0. They will join KRU Esports and others as representatives from South America for Berlin at Champions.

South America’s Last Chance Qualifier Bracket | Provided by Bracket HQ

The two groups included:

Group A
  • Australs – 2-0
  • FURIA Esports – 2 -1
  • Shark Esports – 1-2
  • E-Xolos LAZER – 0-2
Group B
  • Gamelanders Blue – 2-0
  • Havan Liberty – 2-1
  • Six Karma – 1-2
  • Infinity – 0-2

Tournaments in APAC, SA and EMEA run until the grand finals on Sunday, Oct. 17. The schedule for NA is still pending.

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