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The VALORANT team have revealed a new skin line named RADIANT CRISIS 001, with a comic-book-inspired design and a new finisher. This new design introduces a cell-shaded look as well as onomatopoeic visual effects.

What the RADIANT CRISIS 001 skin line includes

With the goal of adding a lighthearted and easy to enjoy skin line into the game, this bundle includes new skins for a bunch of weapons in VALORANT. This includes a new melee weapon in the baseball bat, as well as new skins for the Phantom, Spectre, Classic and Bucky.

RADIANT CRISIS 001 phantom
The new Phantom skin for the RADIANT CRISIS 001 skin line. | Provided by Riot Games

The tier of the skin line is PE, the Premium Edition. As of Nov. 2, 2021, players can get the RADIANT CRISIS 001 bundle in the store for 7,100 VP, which includes all of the weapons and the bat listed above.

What the levels provide in this skin line

For the new baseball bat melee weapon, there are two levels of unlocks. First, the standard visual texture design, the cell-shaded comic book look. But, if players reach level two with the weapon, you unlock the visual effects, which in this case is the onomatopoeia words of “bonk” or “thwack” when you hit opponents.

The bat in the new skin line. | Photo provided by Riot Games.

As for the weapons, there are three levels of unlocks. Just like the melee weapon, the first is the texture itself. Similar to the second level of the bat, the second level for the guns are also with similar visual effects. This time, the words adapt to more akin to gun noises, like the words “ta ta ta ta” or “boom.” The third level on the guns is the new skin line’s kill banner and finisher.

This new content coincides with the upcoming new act in the game, as well as the newest agent Chamber.