VALORANT Patch Notes 6.02 includes long awaited Stinger nerf
VALORANT patch notes Stinger Cypher
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VALORANT Patch Notes 6.02 includes long awaited Stinger nerf

Stinger gets changes alongside Cypher and map Lotus

The VALORANT Patch Notes for Patch 6.02 are out, finally nerfing the Stinger alongside some other minor changes. With its cheap price and above-expected accuracy, the Stinger now costs more and isn’t as good from range. With this patch also comes some bug fixes, for both agents and maps in VALORANT.

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Stinger nerfs headline patch 6.02

Let’s not mince words here: this patch is almost entirely focused on the Stinger.

A submachine gun, the Stinger is known for having a really high fire rate, low range and for only costing 950 in-game credits. With previous patches, the Stinger grew into a great weapon, doing way better than range than it should. Plus, with how cheap it was, buying it on rounds with low credits got a lot more value than anyone expected, messing up fans’ preset knowledge of the enemy economy.

With this patch, there are two significant changes to the Stinger, with the first being an increase in price. The Stinger is now worth 1100 credits, just 500 credits cheaper than the other submachine gun option in the Spectre. From 950 to 1100 is a big jump, and this will make a lot more eco rounds predictable for both sides.

The second change revolves around the Stinger’s damage fall-off. As mentioned earlier, the Stinger was surprisingly good at range, but it’s getting a downgrade. Before this patch, the Stinger would do 27 damage per bullet to enemies within 20 meters of it, then falling off after that to 25 damage per bullet. Now, it does 27 damage per bullet to enemies with 15 meters, and further than that, it falls to 23 damage. Not only is the damage drop-off more significant, but the range for it to start happens closer than before.

Stinger is set to receive nerf in the upcoming patch 6.02 in Valorant »  FirstSportz

Map and agent bug fixes

Also in the patch notes, we have some minor map and agent bug fixes. A majority of the fixes are for Lotus, including removing footstep audio from dropping from the B site platform to the fountain. Yet again, the door volume is lowered and the team made multiple players moving together through a rotating door smoother. The only other map change is for Fracture, where the “Paul Delmann” spray would get stuck on screens.

As for agent bug fixes, KAY/O’s signature ability Zero/Point wasn’t scanning enemies correctly, so that was addressed. Raze’s Boom Bot is now a bit better for chasing enemies, alongside fixing potential spots where it could get stuck. Yoru’s Fakeout getting stuck mid-air is fixed.

But, arguably the biggest bug fix was for Cypher’s ultimate, Neural Theft. If he was killed either before the ultimate revealed enemies the first or second time, the ultimate would be interrupted. That, apparently, was a bug — so now Cypher’s ultimate will happen as soon as the button is pressed, no matter what happens to Cypher.

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