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The VALORANT Patch 4.03 notes have dropped, with the most major change going to Brimstone’s ultimate and its visibility. Along with that, changes to the Deathmatch game mode and general bug fixes are in the notes as well.

Brimstone gets the main change

The major agent fix within the 4.03 patch notes is for Brimstone and his ultimate. Originally, before this patch, his ultimate wouldn’t truly block gameplay visibility. With seeing enemies on the minimap through the ultimate and line-of-sight abilities working through the ultimate, the ability was overall buggy. However, this patch fixes these problems, allowing the ultimate to work to its original intention.

As for other changes, the Deathmatch game mode got some significant changes. First, the removal of some “dangerous” spawn locations. Added onto that, the chances that players will spawn into the line of sight of another enemy is lower. Also, the respawn time is shorter, from three seconds to one and a half seconds.

Away-from-keyboard detection in-game is now different, aiming to stop players from farming experience. Lastly, for notable changes, a performance update is arriving into VALORANT. Global invalidation is improving most PC performances by 15% according to the notes.

Bug fixes from the VALORANT Patch 4.03 notes

Along with those bigger changes above, here are some of the smaller bug fixes:

  • a bug where Chamber’s Headhunter and Tour de Force could float away
  • an exploit when using specific line-ups, it was possible to see inside Viper’s ultimate without being affected by the nearsighted debuff
  • a bug where Viper’s ultimate would sometimes fail to expand through doorways
  • the bug where pressing enter in pre-game wouldn’t focus chat
  • a bug where right-clicking a player portrait would not bring up a context menu
  • the bug where performance stats would be hidden while spectating the Spike

And lastly, the Patch 4.03 includes some esports-focused changes. Now, there is no more flash when swapping into the free-cam mode as an observer. Plus, projectile follow is fixed for observer followers and observer settings now can toggle to turn the agent portrait on and off.

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