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VALORANT Patch 3.09 released Tuesday, Nov. 11 with some minor adjustments, the most prominent of which are multiple nerfs to the Classic. The community let out a sigh of relief as the gun, and its seemingly overpowered shotgun alt-fire, received heavy nerfs.

The patch also included some slight changes to the newest map, Fracture.

The Classic nerfs

The nerfs for the gun mainly came down to adjusting its firing error at all levels with the alt-fire. Unlike some of the other shotguns in the game, the Classic was extremely accurate in the air and while moving. Riot Games has changed the gun’s walking firing error to 2.5, running firing error to 3.2 and jumping firing error to 4.0. According to Riot’s copy within the patch notes, the intent of these changes is to make the Classic’s alt-fire mechanic useful for only super close range fights. So, getting one-shot by this free gun from two feet away is still possible, but the developer has explained its intentions with the weapon.

Other patch 3.09 updates

Fracture is seeing some slight changes to its layout, after Riot has had more time to gather data surrounding the new map. The B site barrier in B Arcade has been moved back slightly to allow defenders more time to set up and more space to fight over. At the A site, the defender barrier near the ropes has been moved forward and the A Hall ultimate orb is more balanced for both attacking and defending. Lastly, a new piece of cover has been added to the attackers spawn from hall to B Main, to give players a chance against a flank attack in the area.

Aside from the Classic changes, and a few quality of life updates for the game, patch 3.09 added little else to VALORNT. The next update should release alongside the new agent, Chamber.