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Valorant developers Joe “Riot Ziegler” Ziegler and David “MilkCow” Cole shared completive changes coming to Act 3 and beyond. There has been a lot of discontent regarding how Valorant competitive works currently. However, these comments and concerns have not gone unnoticed by the developers. In Act 2, the developers adjusted how you rank up slightly and made ranked play more enjoyable. They added the badge feature so you can visibly see the progress you’ve made over the season.

Unfortunately, these changes in Act 2 did not meet the expectations of players who wanted more from the competitive experience. With Act 2 coming to an end on October 13, there are a lot of changes to be made. A lot of fans are hoping to see another map added as well as the usual new agent at launch. Another addition players are looking forward to the most is a stable competitive experience.

Valorant is tightening the restrictions on rank disparities in the competitive queue. The original six rank difference will now be shortened to three. This means that the lowest rank a Gold 3 player can queue with is a Silver 3, and the highest is a Platinum 3. This is to ensure competitive integrity in the queues and prevent major boosting.

Valorant switches to win/loss progression for Immortal

In addition to the tightening of rank disparities, Valorant is also changing how high elo players progress. Immortal ranking and beyond will be purely impacted by wins or losses and how decisive the match outcome was. Valorant hopes that this will solve the solution for boosting, as well as allowing all players to be at an equal playing field in high elo. However, lower elo will stay the same and not be directly impacted by win/loss.

Valorank ranks

Valorant is also giving you the option to select your preferred server in completive matches. Unfortunately, they cannot guarantee that you will always get the server you want, but it will greatly increase your chances. This should help with any connection issues that players are currently having when placed in ranked games.

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