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Valorant has officially released an official teaser for the latest map arriving in Act 3, the Icebox. It appears to be an outdoor map that takes place on a shipment platform in the tundra. Valorant players have been desperate for a 5th map to be added to the rotation. There has not been a new map added to the game since it was officially released in June.

One of the biggest complaints was that the four maps were getting repetitive to play. Valorant’s map rotation has been tweaked several times but still does not prevent maps to be played multiple times. Players have expressed their frustrations on Reddit about playing the same map upwards of five times in a row. Supposedly the map rotation was fixed in patch 1.08 but the problem remained.

Icebox appears to be a larger map that includes close-quarters and long-range gameplay. There are places where the map will be both outside and inside with different buildings. Valorant has several maps that force players to play close quarters like Bind and Split. Other maps like Ascent and Haven allow for long-range lanes on different spike sites.

Valorant introduces new mechanics

The teaser video for Icebox allows us to see two new map features that could be added to more maps in the future. There appears to be a zipline of sorts between two points on the map. An orange line can be seen connecting two open arenas above a possible spike site. This zipline would have a similar effect to the ropes we see on Split. However, instead of going up and down, the zip line will allow you to go across.

Icebox Valorant

Another feature of the Icebox map is a bridge that connects two buildings together. There have been windows, ropes, and tunnels added to Valorant’s maps, but no bridge yet. This could add an extra level of suspense when passing through the lane, as there could easily be someone above you on the bridge waiting for the perfect headshot angle.

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