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Sova is one of the 12 starting agents in Riot Games’ newest FPS title, Valorant. As a Russian hawkeye, Sova should be used as an initiator for your team. If you’re the type of player that wants to be aggressive while not going in blind, Sova is for you. His abilities allow both him and his teammates to be aggressive while also positioning themselves for defense. His abilities are Recon Bolt, Shock Bolt, Owl Drone, and Hunter’s Fury.

Signature ability: Recon Bolt

Sova’s signature ability that you start off with is Recon Bolt. Similarly to Overwatch’s Hanzo, Sova’s arrow can be fired to reveal the enemy’s position. You can bounce the arrow once or twice by clicking the right mouse button. However, watch where you’re aiming your arrow; there’s a chance it could bounce back and reveal nothing. Additionally, the arrow has a charge bar that allows you to gauge the distance you want your arrow to go.

Basic ability 1: Shock Bolt

Sova’s first basic ability, Shock Bolt, allows you to shoot a bolt into any given area. The explosive bolt emits a damaging pulse of static energy upon impact. This basic ability is similar to that of Reza, whose bombs do a similar action without being projected by an arrow.

Valorant guide: How to play Sova the initiator, Sova abilities Sova skills Recon Bolt Shock Bolt Owl Drone Hunter's Fury

Both Shock and Recon Bolt have the same animation as shown above.

Basic ability 2: Owl Drone

Sova’s second basic ability, Owl Drone, allows you to send a drone into the air to scan the area ahead of you. Using this drone, you can reveal the position of enemies by shooting a bolt at them. This ability does not do damage and is solely to gain information.

Valorant guide: How to play Sova the initiator, Sova abilities Sova skills Recon Bolt Shock Bolt Owl Drone Hunter's Fury

Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury

Sova’s ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, allows you to fire up to three deadly energy blasts that spear across the entire map. Each hit, an enemy takes heavy damage and their position is marked.

Valorant guide: How to play Sova the initiator, Sova abilities Sova skills Recon Bolt Shock Bolt Owl Drone ultimate ability Hunter's Fury

While playing Sova, it’s best if you position yourself in a corridor at the beginning of the game. This way you can use your Recon Bolt to scout out the enemy team. The information gained by the Recon Bolt will either allow your team to push forward or relocate to another spike site. Additionally, if you see enemies on your Recon Bolt, you can then use your Shock Bolt to deal damage to anyone who might be hiding behind doors or crates.

If there are enemies grouped up in a particular area, it would be best for you to use your Hunter’s Fury. Using your ult will do damage to anyone in the way of the blast of energy. Any enemy hit by your ultimate will also be marked, allowing you to take two additional shots. If your Recon Bolt isn’t available, you could use your Owl Drone to scout out areas that your Recon Bolt can’t reach. However, you’ll need to purchase your Owl Drone at the beginning of the round.

Final thoughts

  • Sova is great for getting your team into either offensive or defensive position at the start of the game.
  • Hunter’s Fury can sometimes be hard to hit, especially if you’re not aware of the enemy’s position. Though with three charges, the inability to see the enemy makes up for it.
  • Sova’s Shock Bolt is a great way to attack people who are hiding behind walls or other objects.
  • Recon Bolt is by far the most useful ability in the game. The ability to see behind walls and additionally see the enemy’s movements gives you an added advantage.

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