Valorant guide: How to play Sage the healer - Upcomer
Image Credit: Bethesda
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Valorant guide: How to play Sage healer support Slow Orb, Heal Orb, Barrier Orb, Resurrection

Valorant guide: How to play Sage the healer

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Sage is one of the starting characters in Riot Games’ newest competitive shooter, Valorant. Sage is as close as it gets to a healer out of all the currently available characters. She uses an array of orbs to keep enemies at bay and heal herself and her teammates, and her ultimate ability resurrects a fallen teammate. This makes her the ultimate support / healer in Valorant, and she is an essential asset on the defensive side. Here is a breakdown of Slow Orb, Heal Orb, Barrier Orb, and Resurrection and how to utilize them in the heat of battle.

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Slow Orb – Keep out or slow down

Sage throws an orb that creates an orb field upon impact with the ground. All enemies that are caught in it — or dare enter it — will have their movement speed drastically reduced. This is an excellent ability to prevent enemies from entering certain hallways or places when on the defensive or guarding a spike. It will slow down your teammates too, so be cautious where you choose to place your Slow Orb. In general, it is a great idea to place the orb at choke points so that it slows enemies’ advancement.

Valorant guide: How to play Sage healer support Slow Orb, Heal Orb, Barrier Orb, Resurrection

Heal Orb – Don’t give up yet

Sage’s second ability, Heal Orb, enables her to heal either herself or her teammate once per round. It is a pretty simple ability that should not be wasted on small wounds, but rather when one is really in need of healing. Sage players should hold off from using the Heal Orb until they or their teammates are in critical need. It can also come in handy when Sage is in a 1vX situation and needs to clutch the round.

Valorant guide: How to play Sage healer support Slow Orb, Heal Orb, Barrier Orb, Resurrection

Barrier Orb – Block off and protect

Sage’s second purchasable ability is yet another orb: Barrier Orb. The barrier can be placed in essentially any place in any direction. It could be used to block off corridors or doorways on the defensive or defending a spike. However, an alternate use of the Barrier Orb is to use it as an elevation point. Jett, for instance, can use her Updraft ability to easily climb onto the wall and surprise enemies. This gives new and unexpected angles for Sage’s side with a bit of creativity. The placed barrier does deteriorate over time, however. Plus, it can be destroyed by enough firepower.

Valorant guide: How to play Sage healer support Slow Orb, Heal Orb, Barrier Orb, Resurrection

Resurrection – Come back to life

The ultimate ability of Sage in Valorant has a very straightforward name, Resurrection. As the name indicates, Sage can bring one of her dead teammates back to life with full health once Resurrection is charged. This can make, for instance, a 2v2 situation into a 3v2, dramatically improving your odds of winning a crucial round. Since it is an ultimate ability, it must not be squandered; save it for the right moment.

Final thoughts on using Sage in Valorant

  • Sage is a support and healer. Sage players need to keep that in mind and not take the opening duels. Instead, they must stay behind their teammates and let heroes such as Phoenix take the initial fight.
  • Sage is a fantastic choice for sniper rifles and long-range rifles such as the Vandal. Being a support character does not exclude her from gunfights. Holding angles with long-range weapons should be the approach taken by Sage players.
  • Try to be creative with Barrier Orb. If you’ve got a cooperative Jett on your team, think of some setups that would allow Jett to surprise your enemies.
  • Use Heal Orb every round. It is a free skill renewable every round. If you see yourself or someone else having no armor and below 50% of health, it is advisable to use the skill.

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