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From the beginning of Valorant, Jett has been one of the most popular Agents. Players are drawn to her abilities that can result in some pretty amazing clips. The speed Jett possesses allows her to zip around from area to area and reach places that many players don’t think to look. However, some are still a bit confused about the best way to utilize the speedster’s abilities in Valorant. Fortunately, our guide today will teach you the best way to play Jett.

How to be successful with Jett in Valorant

Unlike most of the other Agents, Jett doesn’t really have an ability that helps out the team as a whole. Sure, her Cloudburst ability can facilitate the taking of a bombsite, but it still doesn’t match the helpfulness of other Agents’ abilities.

To make up for this, you need to ensure you’re helping the team out by securing kills. After all, Jett’s character description in Valorant states she’s a Duelist, which means she’s expected to frag out, earn first bloods, etc. In order to do this, you need to master her abilities.

Going over Jett’s abilities

Jett Valorant guide

Her Basic Abilities are Cloudburst and Updraft. We already explained Cloudburst, which is mainly used for blocking off a line of sight. Whether you’re trying to enter a heavily guarded area or maybe plant the Spike, Cloudburst is more of a spur-of-the-moment ability.

Updraft, on the other hand, is Jett’s most useful ability. Using this, you can launch yourself into the air and reach places that normal Valorant Agents can’t. This also means that enemy players won’t necessarily look for you in these spots. Of course, once you earn a kill in one spot, it’s safest to find a new one.

Along with Updraft comes Jett’s Signature Ability, Tailwind. This provides you with a burst of speed that is best used to find a cover spot or break into a bombsite. It’s especially deadly if you’re already in the air from Updraft and then use Tailwind to get above an enemy who is far away.

As you can see, breaking into different areas is going to be your best option while playing Jett. On defense, you can find a high-up spot using Updraft, secure a kill, and then zoom out using Tailwind to rejoin your teammates. For offense, throw down a Cloudburst near a bombsite, Updraft up high, and then use Tailwind to get above the enemies and rain down fire.

Playing as Jett can be extremely rewarding if you use her properly. Just make sure you’re doing enough to help your team as well as yourself.

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