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VALORANT has released the ‘Give Back Bundle,’ which contains fan-voted weapon skins from previous bundles. Proceeds from the Give Back Bundle will be donated to the Riot Social Impact Fund when the sale ends.

Before Episode 2 Act 3 ended, Riot Games gave players the opportunity to vote for their favorite guns that had been released over the past year. Fans chose four weapons from different bundles to form the Give Back Bundle. The Give Back Bundle is the perfect way for players to both donate to charity and snag sought-after skins they previously missed.

The Riot Social Impact Fund is an independent entity separate from Riot Games that has developed and published several popular game titles. Its structure dictates that the organization must use all funding to pursue a positive social impact in their area of focus. The Social Impact Fund allows Riot Games to be more strategic with how they invest and deploy funding to a wider variety of organizations.

Give Back Bundle skins and launch date

The Give Back Bundle will hit VALORANT’s in-game store worldwide on Tuesday, June 22 – the same day Episode 3 Act 1 hits launchers. Players will be able to purchase the bundle in the shop for 6,382 VALORANT Points. That said, the price of the bundle will vary depending on what players already own from it. In addition to the weapon skins, the bundle will also feature a gun buddy, player card, and spray.

After weeks of voting, players voted to feature four skins from three different bundle packs. Both the Reaver Vandal and Sheriff won their respective categories. For the Operator, the famed Ion weapon skin won for its slick white exterior. Finally, for the submachine gun, the beloved anime-styled VALORANT GO! Spectre took the slot. The VALORANT GO! Spectre features an animated version of the German Agent – Killjoy.