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VALORANT’s Episode 4 kicks off on Jan. 11 and brings with it a host of new content, including a brand new Battle Pass. The Act 1 Battle Pass will contain weapon skins, player cards, gun buddies and sprays, just like in previous passes. The price also remains 1,000 VALORANT Points, or roughly $10.

The Episode 4, Act 1 Battle Pass also leans into seasonal themes with a heavy Valentine’s Day inspiration, as this Act will go through February. Players can rock “Be Mine” cards as well as a few other holiday-themed items.

“We leaned a lot more into holidays with the previous Battle Pass, so we decided to have some holiday fun with this one as well,” Preeti Khanolkar, Senior Producer at Riot Games, said in a press release.

The three main skin lines are called Velocity, Schema and Hydrodip. Between them, they include skins for every gun with the exception of the Operator, Classic, Ghost and Ares.

“We wanted the gun skins in this Battle Pass to stand out, especially the Velocity set which has a Phantom, Spectre, Shorty, Bulldog and a karambit-style melee — all of which have four color variants,” Sean Marinos, the Associate Art Director, said in the press release. “Several of the skin sets also have accessories that accompany them, including the Hydrodip buddy, spray, and card, the Schema card, and the Velocity card and Gun Buddy.”

The contents of the Episode 4, Act 1 Battle Pass are as follows:

Weapon skins


  • Shorty
  • Bulldog
  • Phantom
  • Spectre
  • Karambit
Velocity Karambit in Episode 4 Act 1 Battle Pass
Velocity Karambit. | Provided by Riot Games


  • Odin
  • Stinger
  • Sheriff
  • Vandal


  • Frenzy
  • Judge
  • Bucky
  • Guardian
Hydrodip Judge in Episode 4 Act 1 Battle Pass
Hydrodip Judge. | Provided by Riot Games

Player cards

  • Be Mine Pheonix
  • Playzilla Rubber Ducky
  • Epilogue Playzilla Rubber Ducky
  • Operation Fracture
  • Bind Schema
  • Distracted Duelist
  • Velocity
  • Unstoppable Sage
  • Be Mine Jett
  • Hydrodip
  • Be Mine Sova
  • Valentine’s Tactics
Be Mine Jett
Be Mine Jett Player Card. | Provided by Riot Games

Gun buddies

  • Velocity
  • Bunny Tactics
  • Eco the Bulldog
  • Epilogue Eco the Bulldog
  • Big Brain
  • EP 4 Act 1 Coin
  • Chicken Out
  • Hydrodip
  • Together Forever
  • Big ol’ Barrel
Epilogue Eco the Bulldog
Epilogue Eco the Bulldog. | Provided by Riot Games


  • A Prime Valentine’s Gift
  • Jett-bot
  • Nice One
  • What’s that
  • Shoot Here
  • Use Ult
  • Sweetest Match
  • Bad Hair Day
  • Head Slapper
  • Potato Aim
  • Hydrodrip
  • Quack!!
  • Agent Down
  • Lost Connection
  • Missed a Spot
Jett-bot spray. | Provided by Riot Games

The following contents of the Episode 4 Act 1 Battle Pass are free:

  • Velocity Shorty w/ Variants
  • Operation: Fracture Player Card
  • Valentine’s Tactics Player Card
  • Chicken Out Gun Buddy
  • Lost Connection Spray

And the following contents are paid:

  • Velocity Karambit w/ Variants
  • Schema Vandal
  • Velocity Phantom w/ Variants
  • Hydrodip Frenzy
  • Unstoppable // Sage Player Card
  • Be Mine Valentine’s Day Player Card series
  • Big Brain Gun Buddy
  • Nice One Spray

The Episode 4, Act 1 Battle Pass will also release alongside the new Protocol 781-A paid skin line.

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