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With the release of VALORANT Patch 3.09 comes the end of Episode 3 Act II and the start of Act III. This means another Battle Pass has dropped from players to grind through. The pass starts Nov. 2 and will be available till the end of Dec., as the new year will mark the end of Episode 3. This guide will break down the rewards from the Battle Pass, as well as VALORANT’s daily and weekly missions and the best way to zoom through this new season of content.

VALORANT Act III Battle Pass rewards

Classic pistole from VALORANT in new battle pass skin line
The Goldwing Classic in the Act III Battle Pass. | Provided by Riot Games

Just like all the Battle Passes in VALORANT so far, Act III brings with it a mixture of skins, gun buddies, sprays, players cards and titles. This time around, the three skin lines players will progress through are the Goldwing skins, Genesis skins and a few Aero skins. Goldwing includes the above gold detailing and will be available for the Classic, Ares, Judge and Ghost. Players can also earn a Goldwing player card and spray. The Genesis line includes the Bulldog, Shorty, Operator, Bucky and a new Melee, the Genesis Arc. The line also includes a players card. The Aero skins include the Spectre, Guardian, Phantom and Frenzy.

The rest of the Battle Pass is filled in with Radianite points, titles, gun buddies and sprays. The sprays include the usual funny and slightly bad mannered visuals with a total of 15 spread throughout the 50 levels and Epilogue. There are a total of 10 gun buddies in the entire Battle Pass this time around.

VALORANT’s daily and weekly missions

Daily missions are simple goals every player can achieve in a few short games to earn XP for the Battle Pass. They reset everyday at 6:30 a.m. EST and are normally two or three missions from a set of 10 possible missions. These include dealing damage, headshots, kills, ultimate orbs, purchasing abilities, purchasing items, purchasing shields, purchasing weapons, using ultimates and planting or defusing the spike. Players can normally complete their set of missions in two or three games of Unrated.

The fastest way to complete most of these, however, is by playing Spike Rush. The short game times allow for more chances at completing the missions in a shorter time frame, with some being easier to complete in the mode than others. Dealing damage is easy in Spike Rush since players spawn with full utility and can use their abilities freely. The same applies to the ultimate usage mission. However, certain missions, like purchasing weapons or shields, are not possible to earn in Spike Rush, since players spawn with full utility.

So, players will have to look over their daily missions and see what kind of combination of Spike Rush and Unrated play they need to complete. Weekly missions are mostly the same, just that they require a higher number to complete. Just as with daily missions, queueing Spike Rush and a combination of Unrated should help players move along in them quickly.

The new act starts Tuesday and continues until Jan. 1, 2022.