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Crosshair profiles are a feature in other shooters, like Counter-Strike, that let players create and save crosshairs. Riot Games has yet to confirm or deny that crosshair profiles will come to VALORANT. But, according to a leak by data miner Valorleaks, the feature may be on its way.

Players may have the option to save multiple VALORANT crosshair profiles; up to 10, according to Valorleaks.

What are crosshair profiles

Crosshair profiles are different settings that players can attach to their crosshairs so that they may pull them out at a later date. In VALORANT, crosshairs are extremely customizable and vary from player to player. VALORANT professionals, like FunPlus Phoenix’s Tobias “ShadoW” Flodström, change crosshairs constantly and experiment with different styles across maps and events.

There is no other way to store custom crosshair than by running it consistently. VALORANT has yet to add a crosshair settings import system. When players want to change crosshairs, or revert back to an old one, they must manually input the correct settings. Multiple saved crosshair profiles would save players the hassle of crafting a new crosshair every time they want to make a change.

There are already different categories of crosshairs that players could store and pull out for specific maps or guns. For example, the waffle and dot crosshairs are two archetypes that players could switch out between maps. The waffle is great for spray control and suited for guns and scenarios where the Phantom and other spray-friendly guns are valued. The dot is more suited for tap-firing guns and long-ranged engagements, like with a Vandal on Breeze.

Riot Games has yet to announce or confirm whether the mechanic will join the game. But, the developer is not adverse to adding new mechanics into the game. In February’s Ask VALORANT post, the developers outlined how they could introduce agent specific key binds that would save between matches.