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VALORANT’s inaugural world championship, Champions, is set to take place in Los Angeles, sources tell Upcomer.

The location for the event was also revealed during the game’s one-year celebration video, Year One Anthem. Within the video, a scene showcasing a poster in the background promoting the large-scale tournament is shown, with “Los Angeles” written at the bottom of the paper. Champions will also be the first VALORANT LAN event to happen in North America.

While venues for the championship tournament have yet to be determined, there is hope that fans will be allowed to partake in the festivities come December. Sporting events in Los Angeles have begun returning to their regular capacity. The Los Angeles Rams have already stated their opening game this upcoming September will be open to more than 70,000 in attendance.

Riot Games is no stranger to Los Angeles, as it houses the company’s home headquarters in Santa Monica. Along with having the LCS Arena across the street from its main offices, Riot has used Los Angeles as their home for numerous esports competitions, especially their crown jewel, League of Legends.

The 2012, 2013 and 2016 League of Legends World Championships all had their grand finals held in Los Angeles, with the most recent two taking place at the Staples Center.

VALORANT’s first-ever international LAN tournament happened last month in Reykjavík, Iceland, with Masters 2. The third (and final) iteration of Masters, the leadup to Champions, will take place in September at Verti Music Hall in Berlin, Germany. Riot Games has not yet confirmed if fans will be allowed at Masters 3.