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Day 5 of VALORANT Champions marks the first day with elimination matches and a final decision handed down by Riot Games on the Vivo Keyd vs. Acend matchup. The two sides got to replay the match with Acend pulling out a dramatic victory after squandering their lead.

Outside of the extra game, fans said goodbye to FULL SENSE, Crazy Raccoon and FURIA Esports, as all three teams lost in the lower bracket of their respective groups. FULL SENSE and Crazy Raccoon left with a whimper, not winning a single map at the event, as FURIA dropped out with a few tears because of their close series against KRÜ Esports and Sentinels.

MVP of Day 5 of VALORANT Champions: keznit

Keznit on Media Day at VALORANT Champions
Keznit was a big part of KRÜ Esports wins thanks to his Breach and Reyna play. | Provided by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

The Chilean player was a crucial part of his team’s map wins today and top fragged in two of the three games played. On Fracture as Breach, Angelo “keznit” Mori managed to top the kill charts on the support agent. He comboed utility with his teammates and managed to be on the end of the kills most of the time. He also used Breach’s utility selfishly to hold areas alone and clutch a few rounds.

On Ascent and Haven, he switched over to Reyna and maintained his form on the entry Duelist. Across the entire series, he ended with 67 kills and 45 deaths while maintaining a 25% headshot percentage.

While other players had great performances, like Team Secret’s Kevin “Dispenser” Te and Cloud9’s Nathan “leaf” Orf, keznit kept his cool while under the pressure of elimination and carried his team in some instances.

Best play on Day 5 of VALORANT Champions

Keznit also earned best play of the day at VALORANT Champions Day 5. On Fracture, he claimed four kills in a pivotal round, thanks to his great aim and flicks. The agent has been a staple on the map so far at the tournament, thanks to his disruptive utility and combo potential, but none of that is on display as keznit uses his raw aim talent to take this round. A close second was the five-man double Killjoy ultimate on Ascent in the same series.

KRÜ Esports, the Brazilian kryptonite 

While Vivo Keyd and Brazilian fans seemed to be the biggest story at the start of the day, KRÜ managed to cut through the noise and continue their great run of international form. Their win against FURIA marks the third time in three international events that the Argentinian organization knocked a Brazilian squad out of a tournament. First, it was Sharks Esports, then Vivo Keyd and now FURIA. While they’re technically in the Latin American region, KRÜ routinely scrim Brazilian teams and that experience has served them well as they continue to beat them. Thanks to their supposed kryptonite status to the region, the team has managed to become the best South American VALORANT team internationally and are set up to become the first to reach the knockout stage at Champions.

All they have to do is beat Sentinels Monday.

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