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Day 4 of VALORANT Champions began to weed out the competition as two teams advanced to the quarterfinal of the tournament and the others were sent to the lower bracket. With the Acend versus Vivo Keyd match from Day 3 still under investigation, that left only two matches for Day 4.

Gambit Esports versus Team Vikings

As the first matchup of the day, Team Vikings versus Gambit did not disappoint. What was a one-sided Map 1 on Split in favor of Gambit turned into an all-out bloodbath between the two opponents in the final two maps of the series. Team Vikings were able to answer back with a map of their own to tie the series up 1-1 and nearly walked away with the win over Gambit on Icebox.

With the score set at 12-5 in favor of Team Vikings on Icebox, all appeared to be done and dusted for the VALORNT Champions Tour Masters Berlin champions. One round at a time, Gambit clawed their way out of their slump to bring the map to overtime. However, losing seven rounds in a row on match point proved too much for Team Vikings, who couldn’t piece things together and fell in overtime 12-14 to Gambit.

Match MVP: Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi – While Team Vikings did not walk away with the win in the series, the MVP award still goes to Sacy. He had the most kills in the series at 60 eliminations and 43 deaths for a 1.39 Kills/Deaths ratio overall, all while playing Breach and Sova across the three maps.

Sentinels versus Team Liquid

Fnatic versus Cloud9 was the first instance of the infamous North America versus Europe matchup at the international tournament and it did not disappoint. With the stage set for this age-old rivalry, fans were not disappointed by the matchup against the titans of their region in Sentinels vs. Team Liquid on Day 4 of VALORANT Champions. After the first map went into overtime in favor of Team Liquid, Sentinels put their foot down on Bind with a dominant 13-2 performance against the Europeans.

With the series tied 1-1, the deciding map was Split to determine which team would come out of Group B as the No. 1 seed in the quarterfinals. Like on the first map, Sentinels and Team Liquid traded blows back and forth on Split in the closest match of the series. In the end, Team Liquid came out victorious with a nail-biting 13-10 score line, bringing the EU vs. NA battle to 2-0 overall at the event.

Match MVP: Dom “soulcas” Sulcas’ performances on Raze and KAY/O vaulted Team Liquid to their 2-1 victory over Masters Reykjavík champions Sentinels. He finished the series with a 1.02 KD with 49 kills, 48 deaths and 16 assists from the three maps in the series.

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