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On Feb. 1, TikTok star and social media influencer Addison Rae announced the launch of a new skincare mist called Screen Break for her cosmetic line, ITEM Beauty, that supposedly protects skin from pollution and fatigue from blue light. Addison Rae’s announcement comes only a few months after YouTube Gaming sensation Rachell “Valkyrae” Hoffstetter received backlash for launching a similar product, called RFLCT, which eventually shut all sales and social media presence after rampant scam accusations circulated. 

Addison Rae launches ‘Screen Break’

According to the description of Screen Break found in Addison Rae’s recent promotion, the new mist “helps relieve dry, screen-drained skin with a moisturizing boost clinically proven to protect against artificial blue light.” Screen Break is currently available for purchase online now; interested consumers can purchase a 3.5 oz bottle for $20. According to the promo video, some of Screen Break’s primary ingredients as ashwagandha, niacinamide, glycerin and dandelion extract. 

Valkyrae initially received intense criticism from the launch of RFLCT in October. According to leaked messages between Valkyrae and YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren, Valkyrae worked with her legal team to pull out of her contract with RFLCT after realizing the brand was withholding the findings of their research studies because of the damage done to her personal brand and reputation. Since then, RFLCT products are no longer available for purchase in stores. 

Now, the internet is wondering why another influencer would collaborate with a company on a similar product after the RFLCT situation. Some people are even theorizing that Addison Rae’s newest product was made by the same company involved in Valkyrae’s situation. Either way, Addison Rae has yet to give further comment on Screen Break in relation to the internet’s reaction to her product launch or any past controversies.

Valkyrae’s hilarious reaction

For those curious about what Valkyrae’s response would be to another influencer’s involvement in the resurrection of skincare products with the promise of blue light protection, it seems like she’s at least able to talk lightly about the situation. Today, Valkyrae made a tweet joking that she should change her name to just “Valky” after a second influencer with the name Rae entered the world of dubious skincare products. And she actually did just that. 

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