USS Texas could be coming to Vanguard Season 4
USS Texas Vanguard
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USS Texas could be coming to Vanguard Season 4

A controversial map makes its way into the fray

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Season 4 are arriving on June 22, and while most of the attention is on Warzone’s newest map, Fortune’s Keep, Vanguard is sure to get new maps, too. In fact, leakers have data-mined evidence that a WWII map, USS Texas, could be coming to Vanguard.

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Call of Duty: WWII was Sledgehammer Games’ previous title, which released in 2017. They stuck with the World War II theme for Vanguard, their current game. Since the themes are the same, it would make sense for Sledgehammer to draw some inspiration and perhaps even take directly from WWII’s content.

Plus, leakers went into the game files of Vanguard Season 4’s patch and found that the map USS Texas is included in the “playlist” section of the files.

While this doesn’t confirm anything, it’s extremely interesting that USS Texas would be included in the game files. To add legitimacy to the file name, right after Vanguard’s release, a Call of Duty insider leaked that USS Texas would return as a map remake. However, as the map hasn’t release in the three seasons since then, fans eventually brushed the news off.

It appears Sledgehammer might have had a plan all along, though. USS Texas is in the Season 4 game files and seems likely to arrive either at the start of the season or as a part of the mid-season update. In COD WWII, USS Texas was criticized for its strange layout. Fans also didn’t like how players could sit in the back of the spawn and see to the other side of the map without any hindrance. The WWII boat map was also considered one of the worst competitive maps in the then-CWL.

Players should know if this WWII map’s return is legitimate or not as the release date for Season 4 draws closer.

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