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According to a number of leaks, the map USS Texas could be in line for a remake in Call of Duty: Vanguard. USS Texas is originally from COD: WWII, Sledgehammer’s most recent title, after Vanguard. The leaks don’t seem to indicate when the map could be released. However, if leakers found the information around a remake in the game files, a release is presumably slated for sooner rather than later.

USS Texas was a polarizing map in WWII. One one hand, it was set in an interesting location. Players could fight on three different levels of a military ship out in the middle of the ocean. But, the map’s design left much to be desired, as players would sit in the back of their spawn and see all the way to the other side of the map. Snipers reigned supreme on this map for that reason, which caused some controversy among players.

Regardless, it seems that Sledgehammer Games could be slating USS Texas for a return in Vanguard.

USS Texas being remade in Vanguard?

The leak about USS Texas’ remake comes from @TotallyNotAlaix, who also leaked information about Ranked Play in Vanguard. The leaker simply said “USS Texas” on Twitter to tell their followers about the potential remake. Shortly after, this was backed up by reputable Call of Duty leaker @TheMW2Ghost.

Neither leaker offered a release date for USS Texas’ potential return. Traditionally, when maps are leaked, it takes around a season or two for the developer to release it — if the leak is accurate. This means that if TotallyNotAlaix’s information is correct, fans could likely see USS Texas return to Vanguard in Season 2 or 3.

At this time, there’s not much else known about Vanguard Season 2. Ranked Play’s apparent release date is slated for this season but current leaks don’t indicate much else. Fans can expect two to three new weapons and maps, along with a potential new killstreak/perk whenever it does release, as this is what Season 1’s content slate followed.

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