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Earlier today, Dreamhack and ESL revealed a new partnership between them and the US Navy. This partnership will impact the LAN events of ESL and Dreamhack, which will feature a dedicated Navy row. The announcement also mentions Navy-sponsored tournaments and the promise of Navy officers interacting with event attendees. The partnership will also include aspects of the broadcasts of events such as the Dreamhack Open. It is currently in place for Dreamhack Anaheim in February and Dreamhack Dallas in May.

Why the U.S. Armed Forces are so interested in esports

The interest of the U.S. Armed Forces is not a new thing. In recent years, the Army has partnered with a number of esports events and organizations to boost recruitment. However, this partnership between the Navy and Dreamhack and ESL is the first of its kind. The scale of this partnership is larger than we have ever seen anywhere in the world.

Rear Admiral Brendan R. McLane, Commander, U.S. Navy Recruiting Command summed up the similarities between the Navy and Esports.

Like the Navy, esports requires a variety of skills and roles, and a strong commitment to continual improvement.

Challenge the U.S. Navy

One key way of interacting with the attendees of these events is through challenging active military or veteran officers. Such challenges will also serve as a part of the new partnership. Fans will have the chance to challenge U.S. Naval Officers and Veterans in many different games at LAN events. The first opportunity for these challenges will be at Dreamhack Anaheim and Dallas later this year.

Military interest in other countries

The interest of the U.S. Armed Forces is not the only one of its kind. For example, in the Netherlands, the Dutch Royal Navy participated in a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition recently. The potential of esports competitors has been noticed, and it is likely to expand all over the world in the upcoming years. It will be interesting to see how esports talent can impact other aspects of the world.

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