Upcomer podcasts: Where to subscribe and how to listen
Upcomer podcast channels

Upcomer podcasts: Where to subscribe and how to listen

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Upcomer Podcasts strives to bring you all the entertainment you look for in your favorite esports. Whether you are interested in a weekly recap of all the top gaming and esports news you might have missed or want to catch up with some of your favorite VALORANT pros, Upcomer has something for everyone.

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You can subscribe to each show on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or wherever else you get your podcasts. Upcomer operates three in-network podcasts with further expansion coming in Spring 2022. Below are the shows currently running in the Upcomer network and where to subscribe for that content as well as upcoming releases from our network.

Showstopper Podcast

Showstopper is Upcomer’s weekly VALORANT show, featuring a variety of guests in the VALORANT community. From players, coaches, analysts and on-air talent to Riot developers. The podcast version of this show is available every Friday on Spotify and any other podcasting platform. Showstopper is hosted by Upcomer’s Yinsu Collins and Tyler Erzberger.

Untold Tales by Upcomer

Untold Tales looks at the behind-the-scenes of what makes esports work and shares the stories of the biggest events from perspectives you’ve never thought to ask for. Each episode will look at key members that make some of your favorite projects or events happen, from casters, producers, social media managers and others that don’t often get enough of the spotlight. The first season of the podcast is available on Spotify and all other major podcasting platforms.

Hot Pot by Upcomer

Hot Pot by Upcomer is a revival of an Overwatch esports podcast that originally launched in December 2018. Hot Pot is different from other esports podcasts with the approach of each episode being from a narrative-focused fan point of view rather than an analytical one, brought to you by Upcomer’s Bonnie Qu. Hot Pot is scheduled to relaunch in Spring 2022.

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Sean Morrison is the former Editor-in-Chief of Upcomer, a former editor for ESPN’s esports section and is an adjunct professor at Indiana University’s Media School. Catch him on Warzone, Destiny 2 or Elder Scrolls Online, or just follow him on Twitter.