UNDERRATED take the first game of ALGS EMEA Pro League
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UNDERRATED take the first game of ALGS EMEA Pro League

In Game 1 of the ALGS EMEA Pro League Split 1, Underrated won with a clutch high ground capture that let them rain hell on their opponents
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The Apex Legends Global Series Pro League Split 1 regular season kicked off Saturday, starting with Group B and C from the Europe, Middle East and Asia region facing off. In Game 1 between EMEA Group B and C, Underrated took the crown, and the ALGS circuit points.

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This was the first game these pros are playing under the new tournament system ALGS has implemented for year two. The games being played for the next few weeks are all part of the ALGS Pro League Split 1. In these games, the teams that have already qualified for Pro League in each region are facing off to earn enough circuit points to qualify for ALGS Champions in 2022. Players earn these points based on how they place in each game, getting 12 points for first place and descending from there. They also get additional points for any kills they get while playing in a round.

UNDERRATED take ALGS EMEA Pro League Game 1

Game 1 for EMEA started off with a bang as debut team Rascals managed to take first blood. All games are played on World’s End, and the squads were all quick to drop into the areas they felt comfortable in. Fans saw good performances from Rascals, Rebel, and Odin Gamers, but it was ultimately UNDERRATED that took the top spot this game.

Running a Fuse, Horizon and Valkyrie comp, UNDERRATED were able to take the high ground during the final ring of the game. All three squadmates in Elwin “KSWINNIIE” Echeveria, Joshua “Dazoh” Alston Davis and Jake “jaazzaz” Lock rained fire down on the remaining two squads from above, before jaazzaz used a medkit to jump down into the fray. He finished off the remaining competitors, and finished the game, taking the spot as the new kill leader in the process.

Games for all regions of the ALGS Pro League Split 1 will continue through the day, and over the next several weekends. Fans can catch all the action on Twitch, YouTube and Steam.