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The second day of the Rocket League Championship Series Season X (RLCSX) EU Spring Regional 2 (named day one) has concluded the group stage with a number of underdogs upsetting the veterans. Team Liquid, Atlantide Wave, German Amigos, WYLDE and Rix.gg all finished ahead of the favorites in their group.

The second RLCSX EU Spring Regional sees four groups of five battle it out. This eliminates one team from the group and has been volatile from the start. It took Europe’s second-place team, Team Vitality, a reverse sweep and several overtimes to defeat the French newcomers of Atlantide Waves. Meanwhile, Team Liquid—who have underperformed this season but won their group this regional—lost to the unsigned roster of Aether, who ended up eliminated later on.

RLCSX is putting new talent in the spotlight

The new format of the RLCS, which allows many more teams to compete in every regional and its qualifiers, is bringing a large amount of new talent to the forefront. The newly formed White Demons, led by veteran, Maik “Tigreee” Hoffmann, already impressed in regional one. They finished in top two in their group again, securing a winners bracket placement for day two.

Meanwhile, the lesser-known, but no less talented, RLCSX players of Rix.gg and WYLDE shared a group with Godsmilla’s Team. Their last regional managed to snag a third-place finish. This time, however, it was the underdogs who survived the group stage at the expense of veterans, Leon “Godsmilla” Mares, Sandro “FreaKii” Holzwarth and their mechanical prodigy, Bruno “AcroniK” Lopes.

Over in group C, the favorites, Guild Esports and Vodafone Giants, directly battled for the final qualifying spot. German Amigos defeated them both the day before. An audience of over 120,000 saw the Giants eliminated from the second RLCSX Spring Regional. This was at the hands of David “Deevo” Morrow’s overtime goal and German Amigos’ impressive results.

Image credit: Liquipedia

In the end, Team BDS looks to be the only steady team in Europe at the moment. With a 4-0 finish, just like last regional, they continue to be solid and remain the favorites to win the RLCSX EU Spring Regional 2. But, the rise of new talent keeps the European RLCS at least somewhat unpredictable.

The RLCSX EU Spring Regional 2 continues on Saturday, March 27, with a double-elimination knockout bracket. This will see eight out of the remaining 16 move on to the single-elimination bracket on Sunday, March 28. Fans can catch the action on both Twitch and YouTube.