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Umbreon ranks as one of the top metagame staples in competitive Pokémon GO. This Dark-type Eeveelution introduced in the second generation is nothing short of a fan favorite, and has had its share of competitive success across the main series games. All of Eevee’s iconic evolutions specialize in their own respective stat categories, with Umbreon being renowned for its outstanding defensive presence and utility.

The same is true in Pokémon GO PvP battles, with Umbreon also possessing a great selection of attacks and matchups that make it a consistent pick for powerful teams. Here are some of the best moves, strengths and weaknesses of Umbreon in Pokémon GO.

umbreon best moves
Umbreon in Pokemon GO | From Niantic and Pokemon GO

Umbreon’s best moves

Fast Move

  • Snarl – Snarl is by far Umbreon’s best Fast Move option, offering fast energy build up for its Charged Moves. What it lacks in damage and general offensive pressure, it more than makes up for it by Umbreon staying on the field and constantly cycling Charged Moves.

Charged Moves

  • Foul Play – Foul Play is Umbreon’s most consistent Charged Move with its minimal cooldown and decent damage output. While its not the strongest move per single use, the amount that Umbreon is able to spam this move off of quick energy charge leads to consistent damage output.
  • Last Resort – Another great attacking option is Last Resort, an option that hits Umbreon’s counters for solid neutral damage. This move also charges quickly, and can let Umbreon trade damage relatively well even in its weaker matchups. This move, however, is on the tougher side to get as it is a Community Day exclusive, but it can still be learned with an Elite Charged TM.
  • Psychic – Psychic’s inclusion here is as an honorable mention, as it pales in comparison to the Charged Moves listed above. Psychic has more damage, but a longer charge time, but it does have its uses in limited metagames where Poison and Fighting-type Pokemon are more towards the top of usage.

Umbreon’s strengths

The main draw of Umbreon has always been its stellar bulk and defensive stats. Its low damage output is nicely balanced with its pure staying power and ability to throw Charged Moves fast, and reliably.

It holds winning matchups versus top metagame Pokémon such as Trevanant, Swampert, Sableye, Noctowl, and Lanturn. Umbreon’s great defenses and metagame matchups make it a solid choice for a variety of team compositions and a great bulky anchor to a competitive team.

Umbreon’s weaknesses

While Umbreon does have a number of stellar matchups, it also has its fair share of bad ones against many formidable Pokémon. Medicham, Altaria, Registeel, Bastiodon and Galarian Stunfisk all dominate the top of usage charts and tend to stop Umbreon hard in its tracks.

Umbreon’s limited damage output also holds it back considerably, and although Last Resort and Psychic are decent moves to round it out, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of true, reliable coverage. Also, this lack of damage makes it a poor choice to use in PVE,  but it can do a decent job at holding down gyms in a pinch.

Lastly, Umbreon is rather reliant on two Community Day exclusive moves, making it quite the investment in order to get it to full strength.

Players can obtain Umbreon by evolving an Eevee with 25 Eevee Candy, and can guarantee a first-time evolution by nicknaming the Eevee “Tamao”. Luckily, Umbreon is one of the Eeveelutions a player can control in Pokémon GO. By making Eevee your Buddy, walking with it for 10 km and earning two Eevee candy you can evolve your Eevee at night to guarantee it to evolve into Umbreon.