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MkLeo Genesis

Ultimate GOAT MkLeo becomes a five-time Genesis champion

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Leonardo “MkLeo” Perez won Genesis 9 over the weekend.

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MkLeo’s win at Genesis 9 is actually his fifth time as a Genesis champion. Genesis is considered a super major, which means it’s one of the most impactful Smash tournaments in regards to player ranking and qualifying for upcoming events. For MkLeo to win five Genesis tournaments is an incredible accomplishment, proving his ongoing dominance in the game.

MkLeo has long been considered the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player in the world. While he’s had some underwhelming placements in tournaments here and there, his ability to come out on top more times than not is one of the reasons he has remained undisputed in the rankings. He has also continued to wow the competitive Smash community with his ability to take mid-tier fighters and make them almost unbeatable.

MkLeo was recently named as #1 in the newly formed UltRank system. This system came out after Panda Global was shunned from the Smash community. While other players have come close, like Sparg0 and acola, MkLeo came out on top due to his consistent results at tournaments and in-depth discussions within a coveted Smash panel.