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Earlier this week I took a look at the squad ratings FIFA 18 unveiled for its upcoming World Cup Mode. But thanks to the good graces of EA Sports, we now have their list of UEFA’s top 30 FIFA 18 player ratings for the upcoming World Cup. Since Europe is the most represented continent in the World Cup, EA Sports decided to unveil its own top-rated players for UEFA. On this list you will see players from countries such as Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Poland and other European teams. Well enough of me blabbering, here are UEFA’s top 30 FIFA 18 World Cup player ratings.

UEFA’s TOP 10 player ratings

Below is the top 10 players from UEFA’s top 30 player ratings.

Cristiano Ronaldo



Robert Lewandowski



Luka Modrić



Christian Eriksen






Ivan Rakitić



Kamil Glik



Ivan Perišić



Gylfi Sigurdsson


Rui Patrício


Overall… they’re okay

My overall thoughts on UEFA’s FIFA 18 World Cup player ratings, is that they are okay. For the most part I feel that they are pretty accurate but with that there are some question marks. The first being with Pepe. The notorious defender is now plying his trade in Turkey with Besiktas and to be honest, he’s a little past his prime. To start the year he was given a rating of 86 in FIFA 18. Which I feel was a little high. This year Besiktas finished in fourth and was second in the league for clean sheets with 12. Pepe played in 36 games in all competitions. Averaging 2581 minutes, 1.4 tackles per game, 1.7 interceptions per game and one foul per game. He also added in three goals, one assist, seven yellow cards and one red card.

Overall a pretty decent season but nothing too spectacular, so frankly I don’t know how he received an upgrade of two points. If anything he should’ve stayed at an 86. If I was in charge, he would’ve started the year with a rating of 84 and maybe his UEFA FIFA 18 World Cup player rating would be at an 86.

The other rating that made me raise an eyebrow…

Gylfi Sigurdsson. Gylfi started the year with a FIFA 18 rating of 82 and now has an upgrade of three points, bringing him to an 85. WHY? So let me get this straight. EA Sports believes that Rakitic is an 86 and Sigurdsson is on the same level, just one rating lower? No that just isn’t right. First off, Rakitic’s rating should be at least an 88 and Gylfi should at the VERY least kept his 82 rating, maybe upgraded to an 83. In 32 games in all competitions, Gylfi netted five goals and five assists. He also averaged 1.5 key passes per game, as well as completing 26 passes per game with a completion rating of 76 per cent.

To be honest, that is an okay season. Pretty average but compare that to Rakitic and you’ll see the difference. To be fair both Rakitic and Sigurdsson netted five goals and five assists across all competitions. But when you dissect their games, that’s when you notice the difference. In 55 games played in all competitions, Rakitic averaged 0.8 key passes per game, as well as completing 72 passes per game with a completion rating of 90 per cent.

Now you may be thinking that I’m being a little too harsh but how does Rakitic start the year with a FIFA 18 rating of 87 and end up with a one point downgrade in UEFA’s player ratings. I feel that considering the advanced stats and the fact that Rakitic won both the league and domestic cup with Barcelona (while being one of their best midfielders), he deserved a rating of at least 87.


The rest of UEFA’s player ratings

Below is the rest of UEFA’s top 30 FIFA 18 World Cup player ratings.

  • Lukasz Piszcek, William Carvalho, Bernardo Silva, Joáo Moutinho, Joáo Mário, Adrien Silva, Nemanja Matić, 84
  • Danijel Subašić, Mario Mandžukić, Kasper Schmeichel, Wojciech Szczęsny, Danilo Pereira, Ricardo Quaresma, Emil Forsberg, Yann Sommer, 83
  • Andreas Christensen, Piotr Zieliński, Łukasz Fabiański, José Fonte and André Silva, 82

And there you have it, EA Sports’ UEFA top 30 FIFA 18 World Cup player ratings. We hope you enjoyed my little rant. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the player ratings.

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