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Most Teamfight Tactics players would love a mobile port of the game. And since Riot has not shown any intent to bring the game to phones and tablets, the community has taken it upon themselves to make it happen. There are currently two workarounds you can use to play the world’s top autobattler on the go!

Play Teamfight Tactics with the Remote Desktop App

On June 7, Reddit user iPapa posted about Google’s Remote Desktop App as a way to bring Teamfight Tactics to mobile devices. By casting your computer’s desktop to your phone or tablet, you can play the game through the regular client.

This method is far from perfect. Aside from the latency resulting from using it, the controls are difficult to use for the game’s purposes. If you find yourself struggling, there is a second workaround you can try.

Play Teamfight Tactics through Steam

A similarly imperfect but much more elegant method was discovered today. Reddit user Jaysunny420 posted about using Steam Link on mobile devices to play Teamfight Tactics. His comprehensive guide shows that this workaround is slightly better due to the improved controls management, as you can see in the video above.

If Riot doesn’t release Teamfight Tactics on mobile soon, this may become the main method to play the game on the go. That would frankly be a slap in the face for Valve, whose platform would have effectively become a vehicle for their main competitor in the autobattler market.

Will there be an official mobile port?

Based on the apparent appetite for a mobile port, Riot stands to make a lot of money by releasing one. Teamfight Tactics is currently the leading autobattler game by a great margin, but it is also the only one without a mobile version. While Underlords and Dota Auto Chess thrive in that market, it is also quickly saturating with newcomer titles.

Tft teamfight tactics mobile reddit interest
The desire for Teamfight Tactics mobile is palpable.

The mobile gaming scene is arguably still picking up speed, with games like Brawl Stars and Guns of Boom routinely pulling in big viewer metrics. At the moment of this writing, more people are watching PUBG Mobile on Twitch than actual PC battle royales like Realm Royale and Ring of Elysium. Riot might want to get in on the party before it’s too late.

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