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Over the weekend, Activision released a new short teaser trailer for Call of Duty Next, the event where Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, Warzone 2, Warzone Mobile, and more will be showcased. In the trailer, it seems that multiplayer was the focus, with a few clear teasers for fans to pick up on.

One of these teasers relates to the game modes in multiplayer. The trailer seemingly confirmed two different multiplayer modes that are returning in MW2, being Domination and Capture the Flag.

While we didn’t receive explicit confirmation of these game modes, the trailer shows two icons that are reportedly the icons for the modes in MW2. We know this due to leaks from Warzone Mobile, which released a plethora of information into the community by way of data miners. In these files, the two icons for Domination and Capture the Flag were seen, and they’re the same as the ones from the recent trailer.

Domination and CTF confirmed for Modern Warfare 2

Industry insider and leaker @TheGhostOfHope was one of the first people to recognize the game mode icons from the trailer.

Supposedly, the icon on the left side is for Domination while the other is for Capture the Flag. While it was all but certain that Domination would return in MW2, fans didn’t know if Capture the Flag would make a comeback. The mode hasn’t been seen in Call of Duty since Black Ops 4 in 2019. However, that mode came post-launch, so some fans didn’t even get to experience it.

CTF was a mainstay in the golden era of COD, becoming especially popular in the original Modern Warfare 2 and MW3. However, developers have recently gone away from the mode in exchange for new game modes. That trend seems to be changing with this year’s title, though.

If CTF does return for MW2, fans can likely expect to see it in the competitive CDL game mode rotation. This would be the first time CTF was a competitive game mode since WWII in 2017. Of course, all of this is simply conjecture since nothing has been 100% confirmed. Hopefully we see confirmation at Call of Duty Next on Sept. 15.

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